Miguel Pro, Digital Photograph, Jordan Hainsey, 2012

Miguel Pro

In 1926, at the age of 36, newly ordained Miguel Pro traveled from Belgium to his native Mexico where churches were closed, priests were in hiding, and persecution of the Church was governement policy. Using disguises to hid his identity as a priest, Miguel Pro would brought comfort, charity, and the sacraments to Mexico's hidden faithful.

Falsely accused in 1927 of a bombing attempt, Miguel Pro became a wanted man. He was betrayed to the police and, without trial, was sentenced to death by firing squad. As he was about to be shot, he forgave his executioners and refused a blindfold. Unfolding his arms in the form of a cross, he died shouting “Long live Christ the King!” 


  • 4th Nationwide Juried Catholic Arts Exhibition, 2012, The Saint Vincent Gallery, Latrobe, PA



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