Saints and Blesseds Series

Virtue and the quest for holiness. These are the foundational hallmarks of saints and blesseds. This working portrait series celebrates the known, and little-known, men and women of faith, reinvisioned through christian believers of today.

Objects of Devotion

The katakombenheiligen, catacomb saints, and the relics of Saint Ursula and her companions have served as objects of devotion to Germany's faithful since the 16th century. This collection explores the splendor of the relic tradition and their decoration. 

Metten Abbey, Bavaria 

Charlemagne is said to have met a hermit named Utto in the woods around Metten and promised the foundation of an abbey in the honor of Saint Michael on the request of this pious man (after 788). Charlemagne later raised it to a royal cloister, and imposed on it with the duty of prayer for the emperor and empire. In 1846, a member of this Benedictine community, Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., traveled to the United States and founded Saint Vincent Archabbey.


Since the foundations laid down in the times of Charlemagne — King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor — France has played a pivotal role on the European stage of art and tradition. This section of photographs captures details of architecture, sculpture and and reliquary metalwork from Paris' incomparable San Chapelle and Notre Dame.


From life in the favelas, to the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro, this collection of photographs captures the color and life that defines Brazil. 


This collection of photographs explores Italy, from the churches and streets of Rome, to the Greek origins of southern Paestum.